Happy 4th biathlon style

I woke up around 0430 this morning.  Thankful I had gotten everything ready the night before. I met Dan at his house around 0515 and we headed to Hillsboro. The weather was great, little chilly in the morning, but perfect for the race.  The race started with  a five mile run.  You run down a large hill to start.  I felt great during the run. I always start too fast, but today I held back a little, and I had enough to finish strong.  I averaged 7:45 miles.  The transition was a little weird. You had to run around the building to the transition area.  The run to bike transition is pretty easy.  Just change shoes, and put your helmet on.  The bike was 10 out and 10 back.  The first ten miles I felt like I was crawling thanks to the headwind.  On the turn around I felt great.  The last 6miles I hung on with a few riders from team Godzilla. (I think?)  I passed the girl on the team with about 2 miles to go.  The last part of the ride is back up the hill.  I had nothing left in me to power up the hill and she passed me.  Oh well. I still managed 1st in my age group, and I was very happy with my times.  Happy 4th everyone!!