Frost bites

I am still undecided if I will run the frostbite race this Sunday.  It is always sooo cold( I know, hence the name), and the Clinic Christmas party is the night before.  I guess I will decide Saturday night. 

I did decideto go run part of the course today when I got off work.  I drove to Fc west and parked.  I started out on the course.  It was cold and starting to sleet/snow a little. The sleet was stinging my frozen face.  I soon warmed up, and  made it out 3.5 and turned around, for a total of 7 miles.  I felt strong on the hills, and maybe a little more motivated to race on Sunday. 

I finished the work out at 1745 powerzone at fc.  The one leg squats and lunges were a little more difficult to night on my hill worked legs.  By the time I left fc, snow was settling on the parked cars.  I’m sure the race will hold true to its name.