Young Man!

That is the question I yearn to ask…  I can’t even remember what running feels like.  Will I even remember how to run?  I guess I can ask the doc when I visit Sports Care this week.

My heel has been feeling good this last week.  I am still taking ibuprofen with a beer chaser a couple times a day, just to take the edge off.  But I feel good!  Not to worry, I don’t have any plans of attempting to run again anytime soon.


The last few days I have been getting in kind of a rut.  I have been doing an hour on the trainer, pretty much everyday.  I have also been swimming as much as possible.  Today I did 40 laps at Fit Club South.  I think that calculates out to 2000 yards total.  Don’t get me wrong, I took plenty of breathers.  I hope I am not swimming myself into bad habits or incorrect strokes.  I will find that out this week also…

Jason emailed me to day and said he signed up for the swim class at the YMCA also.  I won’t be the whitest guy there!  Lance Cull also said he was doing the class.  It is good to see people interested in learning, or at least, not drowning.