Yes, I am a Quitter

Today, had to be some of the worst weather we have had this week (It is only Tuesday.) It topped out at 82 degrees yesterday and today hit a high of 56… It is training race Tuesday and with a forecast for rain it looked pretty hopeless. So I did a quick lunch run on the treadmill. I cranked that baby up to a 7:30 mile and did a 5k.

5 o’clock rolled around and it was about 52 degrees and a 15-20mph wind out of the ENE. Jason said he was headed to the training race. I said OK, reluctantly. We rolled into Biketek and there was 3 people in the parking lot. At that point, Jason and I looked at each other, knowing we were not going to make it out there tonight.

I made it just past my subdivision with 10mile and 40 minutes under my belt and said goodbye…
Yes, I am a quitter, with no motivation and the weather is not helping one bit.