Winging It

I woke up at 4:30 to get ready for the 5:30 ride with Jason.  We planned on meeting at the corner.  We both arrived as John Lawyer pulled up in his truck.  Josh Neff backed out last minute, so I am glad we had another person to do some work on ride.

The plan was to head out to Chandlerville and hit a couple of the monster hills on Route 78.  Jason and I really didn’t have a distinct route set up.  I did however take a look a Google before heading out.  I figured 80 miles would put us back in Springfield.

5:30 am is such a peaceful time.  As we headed out on the journey I took this shot as the sun was coming up.

Saturday ride

We started off by going to Salisbury, then to Petersburg.  After that it was kind of unchartered.  We took Newmansville Road t0 Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Park.  Then took Creek Road into Chandlerville.  The park had some pretty good hills.  John was wanting us to go around the park and pick up some more hills.  I told him we had some monster hills coming up, if we took the right route.

We found our way to Route 78 and out first real hill.  This was one of the longest hills around these parts.  All three of us suffered going up this hill.  It just didn’t seem to stop.  Once at the top, we had to wait for each other.  There would be one more monster climb on this route.  I could see ourselves turning around and doing the twice they were so much fun.  I actually broke 40mph goind down one side.

78 would take us to Virgina, home the town of Steven Graves.  In Virginia we stopped at a Caseys so Jason could fuel up with a Dew and a Snickers bar.  Next stop Ashland, Plains, and then Springfield.  Somewhere outside of Ashland, I was lucky enough to get a flat.  Jason of course started his stop watch.

Tires suck!  Some are just a pain in the ass to get off the rim.  And if they are a pain to get off the rim, they are going to suck even more putting them back on.  Lets just say I didn’t set any records on this tire change.  But I think Jason and John were happy to take another break.

We wondered back into town before 11 am with 85 miles under our belts.

I was pretty tired after this ride.