Will the Insanity Ever End?

Cold Day in Hell After the near death experience yesterday (no it really wasn’t that bad, it sucked, but it wasn’t that bad.) I decided to take it easy.  I even broke out the old Garmin, which was starting to collect dust.  I just haven’t found the need for it lately.  When I have had a chance to run, I have just been using my Timex Ironman, or none at all. 

Hell, I have not even used the iPod in months. (Don’t get me wrong I love the iPod, and the Garmin, they were my best friends before the St. Louis Marathon. ) 

Today I went 6.5 miles at about a 8:50 pace.  It seemed like I was running much faster than that, but the watch doesn’t lie.

I am also starting to think about Saturdays race in Canton.  I haven’t been on the bike or in the pool since Sunday and hope to do a split brick tomorrow and take a one day breather.

I was thinking I might have some time off after Canton, but the Parade Run is the following Thursday and then Abes Able….

Will the insanity ever end?