Whining or Pro-Testing

The results were posted from the Canton Sprint Triathlon.  The winner… Pro Triathlete Chris Riekert, from Chicago.  I checked out his website www.chrisriekert.com, which says he is a “pro triathlete” so he must be a pro triathlete.

My question is when and how do races start mixing the pros with the age groupers? In cycling you have a pro division.  Races may have combined categories like Pro/1/2. When I was at the Evergreen Lake Triathlon, they had an “Elite” division.

So can pros mix in with the age groupers? 

Let’s examine his splits. 

  • 500 yard swim in 5:59.  Sound pro like to me.
  • T1: 18 seconds. Are you kidding me?
  • 12 mile bike averaging 25.3mph.  Hmmm…
  • T2: 24 seconds.  Is this guy running barefoot?
  • 3 mile run with a 5:37 pace.  Smoke em if you got em…

We should have given him a handicap and tied his shoe laces together or glued his helmet strap, or flattened his tires…. Ok, you get the point.

So after this close exhamination.  I decided to change the results and move myself up from 8th place to 7th.

That gives me Triple 7’s  and a payout in Vegas.

Does anyone else agree?  Or am I just whining?

Well… those were my thoughts on my 6 mile run today.