Where is Everyone?

I should have known, a Thursday night training race after a crash…  The crowd was scarce with 8-10 riders but it was quality. 

We raced with caution;  Pot-holes, gravel, glass, farm implements, cars, trucks, and BIG TRUCKS.  The traffic seemed especially bad tonight.

Tonights ride was kind of uneventful…  Everyone rotated smoothly, and took their pull up front.  Andy, Gary and Robo did put in their fair share of attacks, but everthing stayed together.

On the very last hill to the finish, the pace was steady.  With a good distance to go, I attacked at the top of the hill.  No one was on my wheel….

I ended up winning, with Gary close behind.  I felt like it had been given to me. I turned to Andy after the ride and told him that it felt undeserved, but he reassured me “a win is a win.”

I hope this win does not cost me time at Saturdays 5K….  See you there!