What I Don’t Like About Racing

The last couple of weeks, have been uneventful, training wise. Having a race scheduled for three straight weekends has kind of sucked. You don’t need a huge taper like you would for a longer race, but I still find myself holding back in my training.

I don’t want to over train, wear myself out, or get injured. So how hard can one train before a race? I don’t know what the answer is, but I should be able to read into my race results.

With that said, two days before the Stoneman Sprint Tri, I went out for a short brick, to test my bike setup, my transition, and my legs for the run.

The bike went smooth on the 6 miles out. On the way back, I tried to raise my cadence, because I could feel the acid building in my legs. I even found myself sitting up to relax. I did not want to push myself.

In the garage transition, I exited from my shoes while on the bike and did a running leap. The helmet came off, running shoes and hat went on. I was off.

I did about a mile run with a few stretches were I picked up my pace. Once again, I was holding back. But mentally I was thinking about how hard I could push myself on Sunday.

Tomorrow, I may go for a run, I may not.

This is what I don’t like about racing. I miss the suffering at the training races, the time trials, the long weekend runs. Oh, and the over indulgence of beer. I can’t wait until the race is over!