What am I doing back at the track?

trackI thought I would head to the track for “Lunch with Eric”. There are still a few of us showing up every now and them. Today’s focus… the Frostbite, which is this Sunday. Alex, Keith, David, Billy and I were set to tackle 4×1600 at a 6 minute pace. I would say that I was really not up for it. I would be lucky if I could manage one of those at that pace.

That’s what happened. I made through the first 4 laps at the 6 minute pace. Then recovered. Alex decided to run the track backwards on even laps. The next repeat got a little harder. I lasted 2 laps, recovered 1 and headed back for the final 1. So 800, recover, 400. This was all I had left for the next two repeats.

You can see my garmin connect workout here. I don’t think the garmin was meant to be used at the track. The gps has trouble doing circles…. It looks like a 2 year old traced my laps on the track.

By the way Wednesday is the last day to pre register for the Frostbite. $30 bucks! it then goes up to $35.

I hope the cost doesn’t hold too may people back from registering… what do you think?