What a week

John, Eric, Dan, photo by Jeff.Starting last Saturday with the Illinois Half Marathon, exhaustion has been playing a role in my everyday life (“EVERY DAMN DAY”, as Eric would say.)  I went into the half, not really expecting much.  Actually I was really undecided on how I was going to actually run the race until a couple of miles in.  I was not in any shape to run the race at full steam, especially coming off the two previous weekends of sprint triathlons.  I was able to hold just below a 7:30 pace finishing the race in 1:37:32.  I was happy with the race, but not ecstatic.  It was a solid tempo run.

The rest of the week was devoted to cycling.  Sunday I did a solo ride to Petersburg.  Tuesday started off with the Octopus, at Lunch with Eric.  The legs were not all there, so the first 4 legs I took it easy.  The next 4 I put in a solid effort.

Later that evening was the Team Mack Training Race.  It was sprint night.  I made it out for a good 10 miles before the race started.  But when it started, it was balls to the walls!  Like I say every week this was the toughest ride to date.  It took a good hour after the ride before I was able to eat, and I was still feeling a bit queasy.

Wednesday was masters swim, and well that was all that I had energy for.

Thursday I made it out for a bike ride with Lawyer and Buzz to Petersburg.  John really stepped it up on the hills!  After the ride I bricked it for a 2 mile run, and the legs felt pretty good.

I didn’t make it out again until Saturday.  This had to be one of the windiest days of the year.  I had a good group ride planned with HardyBreed Racing.  Jason, Eric, John, Jeff, Steven, and Kirk.  All seven of us started out with a 6 am start time, in the close to freezing temps.  We lost a few people on the way out.  First Kirk, then Steven, and then Jason peeled off when we hit Petersburg.

After the Burg, we headed towards Jim Edgar State Park.  Eric was reluctant in continuing on, but couldn’t come up with an excuse to turn around.  We joked about the Mackers, and how they would probably do this ride and continue on to Chandlerville and Virginia.

We sucked up the 10 miles to the park, at a crawl of 13 mph.  It was miserable. On the return route, we were out of energy and could not enjoy the massive tail wind home.

Just under 85 miles we made it back to town, exhausted.  Nice ride boys!

On Sunday, it took all the energy I had to make it out on a long run.  No speed records would be broken, mater a fact I ran at an average of 9:00 min pace.  10 miles to the park and home.

Definitely a good week of training, totaling 195 miles, and I look forward to another good week of training.