Welcome to Hell…

Jason and I headed out to Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Park (Site-M) for a true trail run, in prep for some of our up and coming events.    The goal was to do a half marathon.  We didn’t make it there until about 9:30 in the A.M.  I was hoping to get out there earlier but I couldn’t get Jason out of bed. 

The breeze felt kind of cool in the Jeep on the way out but the 78 degree temperature was deceiving the minute we stopped and stepped out the door.

It was already hot and sticky as hell.  But we were both up for a great trail run.  The start always looks so pleasant…  Welcome to Hell…


The Prairie Lake Trail is a 17 or 18 mile loop that starts off on some nicely mowed grass.  You see a very cool bridge, and you feel like a kid going to an amusement park.  But just beyond the beatiful bridge, is some weeded single track with spider webs, rutted dirt, unmowed grass and weeds that was foot deep covered in dew.

This was going to be a workout.  Within minutes sweat was dripping from my nose and my shoes were getting wet.  We managed the trail, dodging webs, and eventually I picked up stick and started swatting them while running through the trail (what a site!)

Jason and I took turns pulling.  The person in back didn’t have to swat, but I found it a little tougher to navigate the trail when you couldn’t see the bumps, sticks and holes.

Sixty minutes into the run, just past the 6 mile mark, we decided to turn around.

At this point, I think we were both feeling ok.  But somewhere before mile 10, I turned to Jason and asked him if he had run 10 miles lately…  The answer was 8.  Hmmm.

I knew we were going to be in trouble.  We started to do a little more run/walking.  Then I heard the worst.  Jason said he was BONKING.  There was nothing we could do.  We still had over 2 miles back to the Jeep and we were both out of water.

I kept trying to motivate Jason to start running, telling he we were almost there.  I would start to shuffle my feet to see if I could get him moving.  We would go 100 meters and them stop, walk a little and them do another 100.

With one mile to go Jason gave me the OK to finish the run.  I probably did a sub 8 just to get back to the Jeep were Gatorade and ice cold Diet Pepsi waited for me.  I was absolutely soaked.  I would never suggest wearing running shorts on a humid and hot day.  (From now on I will wear tri shorts)

Minutes later I spot Jason coming up the same nicely groomed hill that we started on.  He made it to the Jeep and collapsed in the shade. 

Site-M has the Same Hours as Hell

Overall I had a ok run, but for Jason, I am guessing it was Hell.  One funny thing about these great trails at Site-M is that they are totally un-utilized by runners and mountain bikers.  And as you can see by the sign, they are only opened in the heat of the year (Same Hours as Hell.)  So unless you are as nuts or maybe stupid as Jason and I you probably won’t want to visit the park anytime soon.

The Monster and the North Face Challenge have nothing on us now!