Unrealistic Imaginary Marathon Pace

r_ps100_treadmill-sideThe first week of my training plan and this is only my second run of the week.  It has just been one of those…  Today was my tempo interval day.  The plan says to do 3 x 1.5 mile intervals at tempo, with a 1/2 mile recovery in between.  

So what is tempo for me?  Hmmm, good questions?  10k race pace maybe?  I know Jason already did his for the week and ran 7:30s.  That would probably be comfortable, but in our unrealistic imaginary marathon pace of 7:26, I don’t think the 7:30 tempo would cut it.  I decided to call 7:00 my tempo pace for today…

The temperature was in the 50’s today, but with the fading daylight I chose to use the treadmill.  I figured it would give me an accurate pace and mileage.

I started off with a 1 mile warm up and then the dreaded intervals started.  I put the treadmill speed on 8.6  giving me a pace of 6:58  (8.5 is like 7:02?) and I set the grade to 1 percent.

The laps on the go pretty quick at that pace, and before I knew it 6 laps were up and I cranked the speed way down.  Two laps cool down (a half mile) and I would start my next interval.

Number 2 came too soon.  Once again I found myself counting the laps.  I also notice my cardiac drift from 175bpm to 181bmp as each lap went by.  (I decided to wear the heart rate monitor…)

Before I knew it I was recovering…  Just one more!

Number 3 came and went.  Then I warmed down again.

The 3 tempo intervals were comfortable.  I have done a lot worse at the track last summer.  I am also guessing I will have to push myself even harder if I want to accomplish a BQ.

Today’s Run: 7 miles
Weekly Total: 17 miles