Undisclosed Location

Like the pros, I retreated to a undisclosed location after the Hillsboro Biathlon.  And looking back at the results just a few days after, I realized that my 3rd place, was coupled by a 1st place win in the transition.  I did not get a trophy for this win, but I felt like I had really accomplished something.  It was just a month ago when I got 2nd in T1at the Capital City Biathlon.  

The transition has really become an event for me.  It is one leg of a biathlon or triathlon, that anyone can win, and you don’t have to train for hours, take supplements, lift weights during the off season, or skip any meals.  The transition is one place were time is free. 

I would like to be able too keep my great transition times as I move from the biathlon to the triathlon.  Last year, I decided to cut out the socks.  I will skip these this year too.  I am also looking to wear a jersey or one piece race suit in the swim, to avoid putting one on in the transition. (It is hard to put a jersey on a wet body!)  My shoes will also stay in my pedals.

See you in T1…