Two Words – Vote!

Dan Voted!I went to my polling place today. Gave them my name, and they had me sign my ballot. My signature didn’t match! Maybe I am getting lazy in my age, but my signature has turned into a scribble. The signature they had on file looked like a 5th grader signed it.

Anyhow I gave them my drivers license and my voters registration card. The two old ladies discussed it for about 5 minutes.

I am looking a little rough around the collar, with my newly found moustache, and yes, I probably look like a Barack Obama supporter, but that is no reason to suppress my vote.

Eventually after the police man behind me in line, offered to search me for more information they finally gave in and let me vote.

This year the ballot brought back some bad memories of the ACT or SAT. I was ordered to fill in the circle with a ball point pin. I asked them if they had a #2 pencil, because, well that is what you are suppose to use with those fill in circle test.

I voted and fed it into the copier/counter/shreader, and that was it. They gave me a very cool “I Voted” sticker, and I went on my merry way.

I can’t wait to hang out with Anderson Cooper and see the results come in.