Two for Monday

Today I was able to get out before work. We had a union meeting at 10:30 and I had plenty of time after taking the kids to school.

It was an easy run. 6.5 miles down to Chatham road and back. While running I took in the latest podcast from Texifornia, Ghost Bees.  He was talking about some haunted house, that he dared his wife to touch.  Then later he gets stung by a bee.  Interesting episode, not to much multisport.

After the union meeting, I was able to get a ride in before dinner.  I took out the tt bike.  There was a south wind, and I could not get comfortable on the bike.  My upper body was so tight, and almost cramping.  It had to be Sunday’s master swim, still taking its toll.

I made it just a little over 21 miles and called it quite.  Tomorrow would be a tough day.