Turn Over

turnoverJason, Josh and I headed out for a 10 miler today.  We thought about going to the park with the SRRC, but 8 am is just a little too early on New Years Day.

We met at the corner at noon.  The temperature was probably 30 or so, but the wind chill knocked it down into the teens.

Jason’s pace was a little too fast from the get go, for me.   He really wasn’t going all that fast, but my legs wouldn’t turn over and my lungs didn’ feel quite right.

We headed to Washington Park and that was where I knew I was in trouble.  I had to ask the guys to slow to a walk a couple times.  This was not good.

At mile 8.5 we headed back on to Washington St.  I had to throw in the towel, and let these guys go ahead.  They offered to slow down, but I didnt’ want to destroy the first run of the year for them.

I walked up the hill, and started running again.  Only to see Josh pulling out of a parking lot, to offer me a ride.  It wasn’t easy passing up a ride, but I kept my head high and said, I’ll make it.  It was only 10 miles.

I made it home 1:40 later. 

This was not how I wanted to start of my marathon training, and definitely not how I wanted to start off the new year.