Turn Around at OMG Hill

OMG HillMy first day back in town this week, I was full of energy.  I decided to take Lola out to get some fresh air.  I haven’t been on an outdoor ride for a couple weeks.  Today was beautiful!  65  degrees, sunny and a light wind, the perfect riding conditions. 

I didn’t wake up until 8:30 so the Team Mack ride was out of the question.  I sat around until noon, you know drinking coffee and taking it easy.  The kids had swimming lessons at 12:45 and Julie was going to take them.  I got  ready and thought I would do a quick ride to Salisbury.  It is only 20 miles round trip.

I headed out with my new Giro Ionos helmet (Thanks to the SRRC) with bibs and a short and long sleeve jersy on.   10 miles into the ride I landed in Salisbury, I felt pretty strong and wanted to get another hill in.  So I rode on…  I was thinking Petersburg, but my time was limited.  I took in the next hill and thought again, well maybe one more.  So I rode on…

Before I knew it I ended up at “Oh My God Hill.”   The picture really doesn’t do it justice.  This is a category 1 climb, as short as it may be…  I am not sure were the name came from, Jason could probably explain it.  But for all I know it was pass on cycling generation after cycling generation.

The hill was steep for central Illinois.  I flew down it at 35+ mph and then came to a screeching halt as I dug my gears going up it.  The top of OMG Hill was 19.58 miles from my house.  Now most people would probably look at the odometer and say I will just go another .42 to keep thing simple.  But no, not me, I am a rebel.  I turned around immediately.

On the way back I passed a house with some people standing out front.  The next thing I knew… a big white dog came flying at me from 8 o’clock.  I guess, I really didn’t think about it. 

But then I saw a guy running out at me also.  All of a sudden I wasn’t so worried about the dog…  The guy was running pretty  fast.  I thought to myself… do you think he is coming after me or the dog…  I was out in the boonies…

The dog came flying I aimed right for him.  Dogs are not usually good at the game of chicken.  My hunch was right, and he turned at the last minute.  However the guy was still running at me.   About ten feet from me he turned out to be apologizing for the dog.  I said OK.  I was going well over 20 so I didn’t stick around to talk.  I thought about it and realized I handled the situation rather well. 

I know my buddy Kirk, years ago did the same thing but he actually road over the dog.  Kirk was an X-BMXer so his bike handling skills were excellent.  The funny thing is that he felt bad about the dog…  I figured the whimpering dog deserved it and will learn his lesson.

Another buddy of mine, Barry always carried mace velcro’d to his frame. (not a bad idea for country road riding)  But I would always try to avoid an incident before I drew my weapon…  Water also does the trick.

On the way home I had a slight head wind.  I have always loved going out with a tail wind and coming back into a head wind.  I makes good training.  You usually go out farther, because of the tail wind.  Then you have to ride back.  I leaned this from Bob Santarelli.

I finally rolled back into town, feeling great.  38.5 miles under my belt in just over 2 hours.