Turd in the Pool

Today’s Master’s swim moved over to Nelson center pool at 8 am.  The word on the street was to bring your wetsuit.  The water temperature was 74 degrees.  I showed up early so I wouldn’t look like an idiot taking a half an hour to put my new wetsuit on.

I did a little research before going, and learned the best way to put on a wetsuit.  The inside out method seems to be the best.

Once I got the suit on and had a little help getting the zipper up in the back I was ready to go.

If you have never been to Nelson center it is an Olympic size pool (50 yards).  It really looks like the ocean compared with the fit club or Eisenhower (25 yard). They also did not have all the lane line ropes in place, which made this feel like a true open water swim.

Nelson Center Pool

I jumped in the pool and immediately felt the sensation of the wetsuit.  Wow this was cool!  I was totally insulated from the cold water and floating like turd in pool.

I did a couple warm up laps to see how it felt.  It was weird.  At this point I couldn’t tell if it was the large pool or the wetsuit that was throwing me off.  I couldn’t get into a rhythm.

This is what the set looked like: (I think…)

4×100 warm up

Somewhere in the middle I found my mojo and felt better.  The suit definitely took some time getting use too.  It really made me faster.  I would definitely wear one in a triathlon if I could.  Not only did it give you buoyancy it made you more streamline and have less resistance.  It is a must have for a wetsuit legal event!