Trotting Rabbits

What can I say HardyBreed has been on hiatus the last week. Soaking up the sun in Gulf Shores, while preparing for the Hot to Trot Reverse Duathlon. That may sound like an easy task but taking is easy and being a good boy is tough when you are surrounded by warm weather and beer.

The week started off with a run on Sunday.  I waited for Jason and planned to to for a ride on Wednesday to map out the course. I am not going to go into details but the one piece of advice that I offer in every podcast is to “keep the rubber side down“. Jason is having a hard time with that this season, so I will let him write about it.


7:00 AM Saturday rolled around soon enough.  Jason and I showed up an hour early.  The sun was just breaking the horizon.  We fill up transition drop bag (grocery bag) with our shoes and hat.  They would take them to the transition area and hand them to us as we arrived on our bikes.

Jason and I were in the second wave.  I think there was only 3.  Anyhow it was 3 minutes after the first.  It was a mass start on the bikes.  Drafting was allowed until the giant bridge.  About a 2 miles out. 

When the gun went off.  I immediately jumped into the main group.  A group of about 10 guys broke away.  I hung in the group all the way to the bridge.  Then hammered to keep people off my wheel.

The field seem to shatter when they hit the bridge.  I was currently in third position.  After the bridge I was averaging around 26 mph.  In the last mile or two I let up just a little.  Three more people passed me.  I wasn’t worried.  I wanted to make sure my legs were not toasted at the start of the run.

I entered the transistion, my bag was handed to me.  I racked my bike at the first available spot.  Opened the bag, put my shoes and hat on, and ran out.  I had a quick transition and my legs felt exceptionally well.


About a mile in I took off my arm warmers and full fingered gloves (it was a chilly start!).  I took the straightest line around all the turns.  There were no mile markers so I really had no clue as to how fast I was moving.  I felt like I was doing under 7’s but wasn’t sure.  I passed several people, but I think they were from the previous wave.

5.6 miles is a odd length for a run, and it felt like an eternity.  Somewhere on the back stretch, I heard the pounding of foot steps.  It actually sounded like about 2 or three guys.  I didn’t look back.  All of a sudden a girl wearing a brown running skirt passed me.  She was absolutely flying. 

Now I looked back.  There was no one else and before I could turn back around that girl was already a hundred yards ahead of me.  She was book’n.    I could only think, she must have been part of a team.  I have never seen a girl bike in a skirt.

On the home stretch I tried to pick up my pace, and prepare myself for the 9.2 miles back to the finish line.

T2 was just as fast as T1.  I was back on the bike and kept focus on anyone and everyone ahead of me.  The wind was out of the North East, so I had a head crosswind on the way back.  This was not fun.  I averaged around 22 on the way back.    I passed a few people, and I was not sure what position I was in.  I was thinking, I had to make top 10.  I think I had gotten 10th last year. 

I made it to the bridge, which seemed much tougher on the way back.  By the top, I looked down and I was going 13mph… Ouch!  But it was all down hill from here and less than 2 miles to the finish.  I kept my head down and held on for dear life on the descent.  Hoping not to get a stiff cross wind towards the bottom.

I crossed the finish in 1:25 and some change.

I immediately went to the Jeep to get a jacket on, then headed back to the finish to wait for Jason and Kim.


Results were posted and I got 3rd overall.  We waited around for the award using my three free beer tickets.  (reminds me of the polka)  They finally started the awards and they did it in a random fashion.  They announce first place, then they started doing the age groups, then they announced second place and some more age group awards.  I guess the awards are not that big of a deal, but third place was pretty good for me.

I started getting frustrated with what was going on.  Finally they announce my name for 1st in the 35-39 age group.  What happened to third?  I was truly disappointed. 

Instead of trophies they gave out big coffee cups or mugs with the event a place on the front.  They were kind of cool.

I won’t go into anymore details, but lets just say they kept filling that mug up. 

Has anyone see this mug?  If so can you mail it to me?  [Results][More Photos]