Treadmill Eternity

This weekend I was able to make it out on Saturday at 7:00am for ride.  Jason had invited Kirk Romanotto, to join us for the ride or at least part of it.  Kirk has not ridden in years.  He use to race with us back in the 90’s, but since then, there has not been a lot of riding.  I was skeptical going out with him.  So I chose a route through town and onto the bike path.  I thought this would give him a chance to turn around if needed.

We made it out to Chatham and he decided to continue on to Auburn with use.  Once we hit the wide open country the head wind really took its toll.  We stayed together, thinking that the tailwind on the way home would be easy.

He struggled, so Jason and I would put in a tempo and then backtrack to him.  This really helped us get in the extra miles.  Eventually we got close to the west side of town and said farewell to Kirk.  We headed out for about 10 more miles to make a sweet 50 for the day.

On Sunday, Julie headed out-of-town for work, I was at home with the kids.  I tried to find someone to watch them for a bit, but was unsuccessful.  So the best thing to do was to occupy them.  We broke out our new tent, inside the living room.  Oh what fun!  We will be having a camp out for then next few nights!

With their imaginations rolling, I headed down to the basement for a  treadmill run.  I put in the Michael Jackson movie, This is It.  My goal: 13 miles on the treadmill.  Sounds kind of nuts, but it was my only choice.  (I skipped my long run last weekend.)  I started out at a 8:34 pace and planned to take 15 seconds off that every two miles.  Mile 2-4 was around a 8:15, mile 4-6 8:00, mile 6-8 7:45, mile 8-10 7:30, mile 10-12 7:15, and this is where I started to struggle.  The miles were not going that quickly anymore.  But I tried to stay focused.  Finally at mile 12, I went down to  6:58 mile completing 13.1 miles on the treadmill.

I sure hope this is easier come the Illinois Half, which I have not set a goal for yet.