Training the Hard(y) Way

PIC-0008.jpg Jason and I took the afternoon off work. I was able to squeeze in s 5 miles before we headed out of town for some Hardy Breed training. As they say “all work and no play, makes…”

We set off on a long run to Alton. We happened upon this great gym called “Fast Eddies of Bon Air.” They don’t have any of the new fancy equipment, it is totally old school with a twist.

When ever you are done with a set of curls, a nice lady brings another set of dumb bells for you to use. You won’t see that at the “Club.”

One other great thing about this gym is that they also provide a full line of nutritional product. They want to make sure you stay hydrated and get plenty of electrolytes.

We were able to find our fix of Protein and Carbs with baskets of fries, chicken wings, and pork kabobs.

Jason training at fast eddiesThe day then moved on to a fitness boat of some sort called the Argosy. They were also concerned about our well being. They had use lifting and moving these flat circular pieces of plastic all over these tables with green artificial turf. These piece became heavier and heavier as the night progress.

This floating raft also had machines to work on your hand-eye coordination. You would pull a lever and watch spinning fruit. Over all a very tough workout.

The training didn’t stop there… It was now dinner time and we headed to a spanish place on the Hill, called Modesto. This was a tappas restaurant, so everything was served in small portions and the meal was long and spread out, to give you time to digest.

A dozen tappas later, we called it a night.

I don’t think either of us have trained this hard in a while. We will definitely be ready for the Magnificent mile and the Tri Club social on Saturday.

– Dan