Trainer, Treadmill, Repeat

I skipped a lunch workout today.  I really had no motivation.  The temperature was 40+, the sun was out, and no wind.  I missed a great opportunity to get outside.  I will probably look back on this day in a month or so and wonder what the hell I was thinking….

So after work, I decided to do a quick 1 hour workout.  I put in my Spinervals 10.0 – Ride and Stride (The Ultimate ‘Brick’ Workout) DVD.  This workout combines a cycling on a trainer and running on a treadmill. 

The workout basically consist of three 15 minute sets.  10 minutes on the bike then 5 on the treadmill.  and you do it three time.

The first 10 minutes are broken into 2 minute intervals.  Every 2 minutes you shift to a harder gear. (Starting off in your big ring and 21 or 23.

If you are not totally soaked after the first 10 minutes, then the next 5 will get you.   You quickly jump off the bike and slip on your shoes.  There is no time for a 2 minute transition.  Coach Troy doesn’t stop.  Once on the treadmill you start of at Base Pace.

I am not really sure how you are suppose to calculate, but just take your top speed and subtract 5.  I started off at 4 mph, for 1 minute.  then you add 3% grade and up the speed +3mph.  Then minute 3 you up it again to 4% grade, and Base Pace +4mph.  (This equates to 7:30 mile.)  Minute 4 you do it again, up it to 5% grade and +5mph. (I think this is around a 6:40 pace.)

The last minute absolutely sucked.  And this was just the first set.  Immediately you jump off the treadmill and back on the bike.  Two minutes and it starts all over.

My memory was jogged, now I remember why I hated this workout.  I probably only did this once or twice last year.  This is were doubt set in.  I started thinking about turning the DVD off, and call it a day.

The second set was the same, but it didn’t seem quite as bad.  Maybe that was because I slowed down a bit, or I was just getting warmed up….

The third set was the same until the run.  Minute number 2, started off at +4, which meant that minute 4 would be +6.  Which was 10mph at a 6% grade.  I lasted about 15 seconds and knocked it down to 9 mph.  I wimped out, but completed the workout.