Track and Smack

Today was a perfect track workout  The temperature was 80 degrees and the workout was manageable.

  • 1600 – 5:57
  • 800 – 2:52
  • 400 – 1:15 (75)
  • 400 – 1:15 (75)

With each rep we did a 400 recovery.

Later in the evening it was training race time.  Sprint night to be exact!  We were back on course, and most of the rock/gravel was smoothed into the shitty tar roads. There was a huge turnout.  I was actually a little scared.  Too many faces I didn’t know.  You are never sure whos wheel you can trust.

As we started down Old Salem, I turned to Justin and told him this was going to be dangerous, and I didn’t like being in the back.  Halfway down the road Justin took off and I followed him up the hill.  We increased the pace to string it out a little.  Most of the group stuck for the first sprint sign.

The next two section really shattered the field.  I felt extremely strong tonight.  I wasnt sure if the century did my legs some good or my head.  Either way I did my fair share of work.

The second to last sprint, Andy Lister attacked and I mean attacked!  He was flying, and got a decent gap.  the group started to work together, taking some hilacious pulls at over 30+ mph.  Gary eventually took off with 1k to go, after sitting on the back for the last 5 miles.  I think he caught Andy at the line.  But it didn’t stop there, they kept going, and so did we.

We started dropping more of the field and eventually caught them.  But then the attacks started all over again.  I am not sure who go the final sprint sign.  I was toast!