Tour of Madison

IT Conference up in Madison Wi, today.  I had a good size lunch hour and decided to skip the provided lunch and head out for a exploratory run.  Madison is covered in bike/running paths and I was right in the middle of it.

Downtown Madison reminds me of downtown Denver, and has the same type of atmosphere.  College kids, bars, bikes, athletes, bars, and a lot of green/hippie/prius stuff, and a tone of micro-brews!  A very cool town.

I headed out of the hotel, trying to figure out how to get down to the lake front.  Once I made it to the trail I headed south around Lake Menona.  I weaved on and off the path when ever I could.  Ducking into trails in the near by parks.  I wanted to get the “off road/trail” experience, even though it will probably be nothing like the North Face Endurence Challenge next month.

I ended up with a total of 5 miles. 

After the run, I entered the Machinery Row Bicycles.  This was a way cool bike shop in a old building.  Kind of old skool like R&M, but the place was huge.  They must have had a thousand bikes and not just the cheap ones.  A Trek hung on the wall that was ridden in the Tour de France by Lance Armstrong.  Price tag…  $10,000.  They also had a ton of clothes, accessories, and nutrition.  I did a quick walk around and took it all in.  If I only had my credit card with me…

Machinery Row began as a series of wooden structures that housed tobacco warehouses and ice houses, which eventually came to house manufacturers and distributors of agricultural implements. As the area just off Lake Monona and adjacent to the railroad tracks (an area then known as Implement Row or Machinery Row) grew in size and importance, so did the building we now know as Machinery Row. Read More

WI-Madison-Machinery Row by plasticfootball.

Seeing I was on my lunch hour, I had to head back to the hotel to take in some more tech talk.

After work I went down to the fitness room, and lifted some weights, and did sit-ups and planks.  Then I was off to dinner at the Great Dane Pub. This was a micro-brew also located in downtown.  They had several diffent beer/brews to choose from, so I choos to go with a sample platter.  Served on a “dog bone” platter I was able to try all the beers without the commitment to a full pint.

Midwest Beer Trip 2007 by donosborn.