Time Trialapalooza

Ya know I think I went to this thing back in the 90’s.  I seem to remember the Red Hot Chili Pepper, Pearl Jam, and Coach Troy?  Well I am not sure where Coach Troy came up with this name for his Spinnerval 22.0 workout.  He probably pays someone big buck for names like that.  Anyhow…  This is a good hour and twenty minute workout on the trainer.  You can break this work out down into stair steps.  You start with a 20 minute TT at 40k effort and 5 minutes off.  Then a 15 minute TT and 5 minutes off.  Then 10 minutes, and 5 off.  Then the final 5 all out.  A very tough workout, my legs felt like ballons, and yes I did sweat a little. 

It is hard to believe this was a recovery workout (from running).  I am not sure what tomorrow will hold.  Do I dare test my knee?