Throw Another Log on the Fire

My first day back after a week long vacation, I hit the track for the noon track club workout.  A huge turn out.  I would say over 20.  Eric took charge today and handed out our punishment for showing up.  6X400, 6X200 in a ladder fashion with half the distance recovery in between.  So 400 run, 200 jog, 200 run, 100 jog, and repeat 6 times.  Sounds like fun? 

If that wasn’t enough Alex was was trying to sell me fire wood in the middle of summer, as if it wasn’t HOT enough…  He did say he was offereing a Hardy Breed discount. (Contact Alex Taft)

Later that eventing the Tuesday Night Training Race (Sprint Night) started off with some bubbling tar and rock chips.  The roads were not in their best conditions, and I think it really slowed the sprints down quite a bit.  It was either that or people were just plain tired.  I was glad, because my legs were tired.

I am headed to Evergreen Lake Triathlon up in Bloomington, IL on Saturday so I will probably take it easy the rest of the week.