Thirty Two Down Old Salem Lane

pioneersprintweb2Headed out the the training race tonight.  Picked Jason up for our pre race loop, then headed to Bike Tek.  Good group of riders.  I knew it was going to be fast on the way out.  Those guys don’t know how to take it easy at the start when there is a tail wind.  

The next think I knew, I was doing 32 down Old Salem Lane.  The group stayed together.  The speed really wasn’t that bad.  We had a good 10 mile warm up and the wind was howling at our backs.  

We made it down Farmingdale Road and as everyone turned on to Prairie Creek, we turned around.

The head wind was going to suck on the way back and my legs were pretty tired from the time trial yesterday.  It is probably better to stay fresh for the 1:00pm Pioneer on Saturday.  Hmmm, I suppose I could do the AMA 5k also?  Anyone else in?  Probably not, but I sure someone (John Lawyer) could find some good training in doing both…

Anyhow… 20 solid miles on the bike.  Friday: Restday.  

See everyone in the Burg!