The Taste of Blood

I haven’t had the taste of blood for a while.  No I am not a vampire, or a prize fighter, I am just the average age grouper trying to push myself.  It was time trial Wednesday, out at the New City course.  Steve Schien of BikeTek graciously orgainized the event.  He and about 25 others came prepared to beat the clock.

I have never seen so many disc wheels and aero helmets.  Everyone was testing out their second shaving equipment.  I felt ill-equippted, with only a tt bike at hand.

Everyone payed a dollar (to the time keeper), got a number written on them with permanent marker and lined up on the road.  We went out in 30 second intervals.

I was lined up towards the rear of the group.  I had some of the power-houses behind me: Andy, Robo, Jeff, Brock, just to name a few.

We had a slight cross tail wind.  Just enough to make you feel fast as hell on the way out.  I started out fast, and had to take advatage of the wind.  I average 27-28 most of the way. 

The turn around was another story.  The minute I flipped that light wind took hold.  I hovered around 18-19 for the next mile or so.  I was eventually able to get my average up to around 21.

I was able to catch several riders a head of me, and I myself had not been caught.  But seconds later, a breeze came by.  It was another rider.  A little bit later, another.  I held my ground after that.

I pushed and pushed to the finish.  My  legs were burning, and I could taste the blood in my mouth.  I looped back to my car with my head down.  I saw someone eating doritos at the finish.  I was hacking and ready to vomit.  I have not felt this bad in a while.  So I will consider this a good ride.  My time was just over 27 and was only good enough for 6th place.  I think the top 3 riders were all in the 24 minute range. 

It was a great training effort, and hopefully I can recover before the Capital City Biathlon on Saturday.

– Dan