The Spooky Old Key Hole

The Spooky Old Key HoleThe noon track workout: 1×1600, 1×3200, 2×800.  Two words: tough.  That wasn’t enough.  I had to join Jason for is welcome back workout at the Tuesday Night Training Ride.  The minute I got on the bike I could hear my legs crying “uncle.”  It was not going to be a pleasant ride.  I started thinking to myself how far I could make it tonight?

The ride started off at a pretty decent tempo.  Sprint night usually is not a constant effort, it is a stop and go sort of thing.  But tonight was quite the opposite.  We went hard!  I told Jason on the way out that I would not enter the Key Hole if I knew I would get dropped in it.  Well, did I dare go into the Spooky Old Key Hole?  Yes I dared.  Without a stick, without a light, and without a rope…

Now the funny thing here is Jason, chose not to enter the Spooky Old Key Hole, but to wait at the T-Bone.  I made it in… I made it out.  Jason, and Hardy Breed Rabbit John Hultcher jumped on the train.  This 6 mile stretch, is long and straight.  The effort level moved up from hard to harder.  I found myself staring at the wheel in front of me.  I was delusional, and could see the light.  I think it might have been Jesus, or maybe Jeff NIL8 Williams, I don’t know.  I was crying to myself “uncle, uncle, uncle,”  but there was no letting up.  The wheel in front of me just kept spinning.

My soul was actually floating out in front of me and I saw him put out his hand.  STOP!  My prayers were answered.  I found myself drifting towards the back.  Before I knew it, I was dropped.

I was not disappointed. 

I looked back and John was coming up.  I thought I would have a nice easy ride back in.

I was wrong, John kept up a decent pace as I stuggled to hold his wheel.  (Yes… John you were going to fast)  But he got me back to town in one piece. 

Home at last…