The Old Switch-a-Roo

We just got back from the Old Capitol Art Fair with the top down on the jeep.  The weather was ideal, mid 80s, and not a cloud in the sky.  The whole family wanted to get outside for some exercise.  We devised a plan….  My wife Julie was going to run along side my daughter riding her bike up to the Ice Deli. (shaved ice)  I would then meet them up there and trade them the jeep and I would start my run.

This worked out rather well.  I left the Ice Deli parking lot and headed east for a small loop, and then made a long staight away headed back west.  I  didn’t really decide ahead of time how far I was planning on running.  I just ran.

I ended up out west and headed back down Old Salem Lane.  I was immediately attacked by GNATS.  I had a mile left to go, and picked up my pace to a 7:00 minute mile.  I was using my shirt like a horse uses his tail, swatting the gnats from my face.

I made it home with 10 miles under my belt feeling rather energized.