The Icy Roads

Since my break up with Jason, I have found my new running “partner” Josh.  He doesn’t complain as much as Jason on the long runs.  He has about the same amount of hair, and is a pretty good runner.

Today, Josh and I set out for a ten mile run to the park.  This time “ten miles” ment “ten miles.”  I felt rather comfortable with the distance, but being sick this last week may take its toll.  My sinuses have been killing me and green stuff has been plentiful.  So what better way to clear them up?

I was tempted to break out the Yak Trax, but the tempurature was in the 30s and most of the roads looked clear.  Well the sidewalks were still icy and the roads in the park were covered too.  So it was slippery and we had to take extra caution, and hit the snowy/icy grass every now and then just to play it safe.

We did the full park route and headed back to my house.  It started to get a little colder on the return.  By the time we got to my subdivision my face was turning numb, and I started to slur, because my lips would not move.  1:31 later and just over 10 miles we completed the run.

Hopefully a good precursor to the marathon training plan.