The final countdown

The week is upon us. One week left before the big race. I tried to take it easy this weekend, but if you ask Jason, I probably didn’t. I think there are different styles of taper. My style… quality, less quantity. What do I mean by this? Keep my pace solid, using standard tempo, but reduce the quantity or mileage.

I think I accomplished this this last week. This weekend I went out for a ride on Saturday, staying at half ironman pace, but only doing 40 miles. I finished with a brick run of 5 miles. Today I made it to Masters Swim. The workout consisted of a bunch of 50s. I started out the workout with my wetsuit on. I haven’t worn it since July and I don’t want any surprises next Sunday. This lasted the first two sets. I was hot! I jumped out stripped and got back in. I am not sure how many yard I got in, it all just kind of blurred together.

It was a great workout. I will probably try to hit the pool a couple times this week for some easy swimming. I will also try to get on the bike at least once this week and put in some short runs. Then we will be off to Austin.

Don’t forget to check out our homepage. We will be posting video from the road! The wonders of the iPhone.