The Big Five

As I mentioned before this week has been a total wash.  Wait, I did go to the Springfield Tri Club social on Friday night, and that was kind of fun…

I believe I have achilles tendonitis on my right foot.  I have talked with several PTs and I have deducted that I must do these things:

  1. Stretch
  2. Ibuprofen
  3. Ice
  4. rest

From what I have read on the internet, I really should rest or stay off my foot for 7-14 days.  It did say however I could cycle or swim.  And that is most likely what I am going to do.

When doing some research on this injury I found out some of the causes…

The most common cause of severe achilles tendonitis is to ignore a minor achilles strain and continue your running regime. Sudden speed increases, hill work and ineffective pre and post running stretches can lead to achilles tendonitis.  

I am guessing it was the sudden speed workouts. It’s not like I went to the track and started doing 400 repeats…

The funny thing about this is I am closing in on “The BIG Five.”

The BIG five – the 5 most common running injuries

If I can just figure out how to get shinsplints and ITB syndrom I will have a full house!  

Weekly Total: 10miles (oh that sucks!)