Thank God for Your Training Partner!

To quote Jim Carey in The Mask,  “Somebody stop me!”  That was all I could hope for on today’s run.  I logged in just over 19 miles on my Garmin 301.  That is over 40 for the week!  I will say it wasn’t easy.  I probably stopped and walked a half a dozen times in the last 4 miles.  I was pretty much delusional…  I took 2 bottles of Accelerade, a bag of Sport Beans and a Clif Bar.  I wanted to make sure I took in plenty of calories and stayed hydrated.  The way I felt, I am not sure if it worked.  But I am ready to blame the 40 mile week for my poor performance today.  I will want to make sure that I have plenty of rest before the STL Marathon.  Jason on the other hand, hung in there rather well.  He pretty much pulled me for the last 4 miles.  Thank God for your training partner!  With enough rest I am sure I can return the favor.