Take it to the limit

I was flying solo today on my 20 mile run (where in the world was my training partner?). I felt suprisingly good. I did two loops, first out west, then ran by the house for more accelerade, and then headed east to the park. I was able to take in 6 podcast from Diggnation, the Competitors Radio Show, 3 episodes of Endurance Planet, and a Episode of Tri-Talk. Wow the time when bye. I even had time for a little OneRepublic. My first 10 mile loop was at a 8:45 pace. My second loop was a little faster. The last 4 miles I averaged 7:50.

Food wise, I started the morning out with coffee and oatmeal. About 45 minutes before the run at 11:00 I took two scoops of N.O. Explode. On the run I had 2 bottle of Accelerade, 2 Gu, 1 bag of Clif Blocks, and a couple of bites of a Clif Bar. Once home I had a scoop of Cell Mass to ade in recovery.

My stomach felt a little gasy that last 4 miles. I think the Accelerade my bring that on. I may cut down to one bottle next time and try to drink some water.