Swimming Sucks!

Anne's Poo Drawing - from Jen's Life and TimesThis was pretty much my first swim work out for the year. I did the Pioneer Sprint a month ago, which included a 300 yard pool swim, and man that was tough. I had these big aspirations for swimming this year, but it has come down to the middle of June and I have not gotten my feet wet.

With the middle of June in my head, I made it to the pool for the adult swim. It was cool and in the lower 70’s. I just purchased a great new pair of goggles from the Springfield Running Center and was anxious to try them out.

I had planned on doing a whole hour, but after the first 50, I wasn’t sure if I could make it. My breathing seemed labored. I should have known that swimming doesn’t inherit your condition from other sports. I did a few more laps and my shoulders were already sore. A couple laps more and I started getting cramps in the bottoms of my feet. I knew things had to get better.

I was doing 50 at a time and taking a break to recover. I eventually was able to do a few 100’s and 200’s. I never really got in a good rhythm but I made the entire hour, knowing next time it would be easier.

I got home and my stomach was bloated.  I think I took in too much of that chlorine poo water.  I really need to stop drinking it during my workout.

Swimming is a lot like running or cycling. If you have taken time off, the first workout is going to suck.