Swimming 101

beginnertriswimTonight was the start of the triathlon swimming class at the YMCA with Nancy Alexander.  Jason picked me up at 6:30 to head downtown.  I was still juiced on the blackpowder I had for lunch and felt kind of like Beavis on a six pack of pepsi. So I have to apologize to Jason for putting up with me all night.

The first hour of the class was classroom based. We talked about our experience and why we were there. I also came to learn that HardyBreed.com was how some people learned about the class. Very Cool!

We watched a short video on “Total Immersion Swimming“.  We would be using these techniques and drill to learn how to swim.

We hit the pool at 8:00.  We started with a back float drill.  Basically floating on our back and kicking/fluttering with your hands at your side.  The key was to keep your body straight and buoyant.   Your hips should be at the surface of the water.

The second drill was the same, but on your stomach.  Keeping your head down, arms at your side and just kicking.  When your head would come up for air, you body would sink.  So keeping your head down, way down is important.

The next drill got a little more difficult.  Same technique, but on your side.  On the way down you would swim, hands at your side, on you side with you head mostly in the water, only turning your head for air. On the way back you would switch sides.

The last and final drill for the night was exactly the same but with a leading arm out.  This is supposedly your most streamline position.

Nancy asked us all to practice this drills during the week.   I was dying to ask Nancy more.  Tell me what comes next, how do I roll?  how do I breath, am I kicking right?  Just tell me how to swim!!!!!

Then I remembered that I must first learn to paint the fence before I can learn karate…  This is killing me!  But I know in the long run I will learn proper form and eventually become more efficient and faster!