Swim Swish Swish

pearlizumiMasters swim started at 8:00.  A few new faces, my sister Kim, Nick, Scott, Steve.  The swim started a little disorganized, I really not sure what was going on.

After a few warm up laps, we actually started our  warm up of 4x100s.  Then we went into the main set;

500, 100 easy, 400, 100 easy, 300, 100 easy, 200, 100 easy 100 hard.  By the time we got to the last few reps it was just Nick and I in the lane.  I had to kick Kim out of the slow lane.  I felt kind of abandoned, and should have moved over.

The last set was a 600 pull.  This time I actually brought a pull bouy (thanks Lance!).  After looking at Kim’s post I guess we were suppose to be doing breathing exercised.  Instead I just did a 600 pull, which was hard enough with breathing.

Early in the afternoon I headed out for a long run to test out my new Pearl Izumi SyncroPace IIIs that I got at Wheel Fast.  I have been dying all week to try these out.  Put some lace lock on and cut the laces and headed out to the park.  I figured a good 10 miler would help me push past my fatigue, from yesterday and this morning.

I was really surprised just how good my legs felt.  And the shoes… I don’t ever recall putting a new pair of shoes on and feeling this good.  They were cushioned and had a good roll to them.  One of the best things about the Pearl Izumi’s is the seamless upper.  No odd stitching or material to give you blisters.

Halfway through the run, the humidity was just making me drenched.  If it wasn’t for my iPod, I would have been listening to my short, swish swish all the way home.  Next time I am going to wear tri shorts out on my long run.  I may look a little stupid, but I won’t be carrying 12oz of water in my shorts.