Stop Attacking!

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.comThe name of this post is direct to Andy Lister.  I haven’t been on a bike since last Thursday, so that makes one full week off the bike.   The wind was gusting at 30mph from the South and the temp in my car said 97 degrees on the way home from work. I had tried to start hydrating earlier in the afternoon.  

I packed up my bike with two full bottles of blue Gatorade and headed to meet Jason.  The roads were bubbling tar (I love that smell.)  We did a short warm up and headed to Bike Tek.

The parking lot was barren for such a beautiful day.  We ended up with about 15 riders.  It started off at a comfortable pace.  That was until we hit Prairie Creek Rd. (See the Interactive map of the course.)

Andy Lister couldn’t resist.  Andy is the strongest rider in the group (now that Josh retired) and being the strongest, you could not let him go.  

I was feeling mighty brave and followed him on his attack of a nice sized hill.  I grabbed his wheel and held on for dear life.  We kept a steady pace of 25-26mph with that nice crosswind.  I was sucking some major wheel.  I told Andy, I had nothing for him.  I was having trouble recovering.  We then turned South, directly into the headwind.  I struggled to stay on his wheel.  He pulled the entire stretch into the wind at 17-18mph.  I was praying that we would get caught, but it looked like we were putting distance between us and the peloton.  We entered the Keyhole and I was done.  I let up on his wheel and watched him drift away like a bottle in the open sea.

It group was coming up and I just prayed that I had enough energy left to hang with them.

I latched on but it didn’t last for long.

I cute the course to catch back up with them when they exited the Keyhole.  I meet up with Dan E. and Jason who had gotten dropped earlier.

We road slowing in anticipation of the peloton.  

They came up with Andy in tack and moving at a fast pace.  We all jumped in and started rotating.

Andy attacked again but we held our ground.

On the final stretch of hills Andy threw in one more attack.  This would be the one to get us.  I jumped one more time, pushing up the hill.  I gave it my all with a couple of people left on my wheel.  I closed the gap to 50 meters and gave my elbow, telling the riders behind me I was done.  But we didn’t have enough road or energy to catch him.

Andy is and Animal!  Great ride guys!

– Dan