Sprints and Ladders

chutes-and-laddersA beautifully hot day for the noon track workout.   I showed up, changed in the car, and started running.  The turn out was surprisingly low.  The plan was a ladder.  400, 800, 1200, 800, 400 with 400 recovery between each rung.  I had printed out a great track workout pace chart that shows you what your time should be for each split.  Yes this should be easy to figure out, but for some reason my brain does not want to function when under extreme stress.  Plus I think it help to figure out what you want your 5k time to be at the next race.  You can’t just keep doing a 19:45 for every 5k for the rest of your life.  I think I have to start focusing and equating my track workouts to real race times.  So if I want to do a 19:00 5k I need to start hitting a 5k splits or better on my 800s’, 1200s’.

So I was set to hit a 19:00 5k pace or close to 6:00 minute miles.  my 400’s were at 01:30.  my 800 were at 03:02 and my 1200 was at 04:32 or better.  I was most worried about the 1200, but good old Alex Taft decided to pace us snails at the back.  I end up about two stride behind him, but still fell about 4 seconds under.  A great workout with goals accomplished.

After work was the training race.  About 4:45 I heard rain hitting my office window.  I thought it was sunny out.  I guess I need to open my shades.  I had to  run out and put the top up on my Jeep.  I all of a sudden became depressed.  I was sooooo looking forward to the training race.  I had called Jason a couple of times to discuss.  By 5:40 the decision was made, we called it off.  I cracked open a beer and started the grill.

I must have walked out side about 5 more times.  I was driving my wife nuts.  “Do you think is going to rain?”  The radar has Springfield surrounded by green.  At 5:50 the sky was blue and the wind was calm.  “I am going!”  I went to get dressed as fast as possible, fill water bottles, changed my wheels.  I texted Jason, “I am going”.  He seemed to have made his mind up already so I didn’t want to bother him.

I headed out west down Old Salem to get warmed up before the group showed up.  I ran into Dave Egan, who was just coming back in town.  He had been suffering from a injury and riding is the only thing he can do.

I probably got a good 4 or 5 miles in before they showed up.  The pace was already on fire.  About two miles down the road, Jason passes me in the rotation, “f**ker.”  I kind of smiled.  At least I got him out her.  He was complaining earlier that I already had a good workout in for the day and he had done nothing.

I had totally forgot it was sprint night.  My legs felt surprising strong after a hard afternoon at the track.  I jumped on anything that moved and stayed in the front  waiting for attacks from Andy, Justin, Robo, Jeff, and Gary.  Nothing was getting away from me tonight.

Justin was on fire  for 4 of the sprints.  I think Lawyer took one of them too.  We finished in by 7:20 after being chased by the dark skies.  This had to be one of the fastest training rides yet.  I know Mike Vonnahmen said he averaged 25 from Old Salem.  So you figure we waited up for everyone after each sprint, which means we were screaming!

It was a fun ride and exhausting.  These are the best days of summer!  I am really glad I decided to make it out.