Sprint Night with No Sprints

After missing out on Lunch with Eric, I thought I might have some pretty decent legs for the training race.  I was wrong!   I got out for a short run before the training race, taking in 4 miles.  It was humid as hell. After that I changed out my soaking wet running clothes for my cycling kit.

I met up with Romanotto, for a brief warm up on the bike.  I think I talked him into doing the Capital City Biathlon on Saturday!

We met up with the group, which was rather large.  The speed started to pick up down Old Salem.  The slight tail wind made everyone feel a little strong.  Before I knew it we were pushing 30 plus.  This is where I got a wild hare.  A couple of guys took off (Andy and Justin?) and I choose to come from the back and attempt to chase them down.  Bad idea… You always feel so fresh on the first sprint…  Let’s just say I didn’t catch anyone, and got sucked back in to the peloton. I ended up taking it easy into the sprint, it was a wash.

#2 was a speedy mess until the group split up after the final climb.  It was strung out, and once again… I stayed out of contention, not by choice.  My legs were hurting.

The key hole is one of the worst, you are never sure if you will make it out alive.  The first turn North, and the shit hit the fan.  Now you could feel that wind.  We got strung out into the gutter, I hung on to Eric’s wheel while gritting my teeth.  I could only think how bad I was hurting and I wanted the pain to go away.  I took a quick look back.  There was no one behind me.  Never a good sign.  We took the turn back East, and that was all she wrote…

I sat up, and tried to recover as I watched the pack ride off into the distance.  Just then a few of the stragglers came up from behind, organized.  I jumped on and took all the help I could get.  We finished the #3 just behind and regrouped with the leaders.

Two more to go… I said to myself I was not going to get dropped on the way back in.  The Wind was just enough, to make it difficult.  I stayed in the front, 2-3 riders back.  I could pull though, but then again, no one behind me was all to eager either.  Robo pretty much towed the whole group back.  We stayed in formation.  It was kind of like a dream.  My head was down and I just kept peddling, never looking behind.

I was glad to make it through sprint #4.  It didn’t ease up there, someone attacked, and Lawyer countered.  I jumped on his wheel.  He chased and eventually overcame. I pulled through at 28mph, and gave him the elbow, But the peloton was back on.  Leading up to the final sprint we had to deal with cars coming from every direction.  We slowed way down and when the final car passed with about 1k to go, the sprint started.  I was still seated, and fell back.  I would not be participating.

It was a crazy wet night. I am now doubting how I will perform with the humidity on Saturday.