Springfield High Mile

Lunch with Eric this week was a doozy.  The plan was to run 400 at mile pace, recover, then do a mile at mile pace, recover then 400 at mile pace.  This was a tough workout, being so early in the season.  When ever I think of running a mile, I think of how bad it is going to suck!

I thought I would once again try to take it easy and not push myself too hard.   I planned on doing a 5:45-5:50.  The first 400, I came in at 80 seconds.  Then the mile started.  I ran close to my Nemesis and Matt for the first two laps.  After that I just saw myself fade.

My last lap was 88 seconds.  I ended up with 5:48 mile, more than 20 seconds off my last years PR.

And if that didn’t put me in my place, we still had one more lap to do.

This last lap was easy… only because it one lap.  I ran a 82.

Then dashed off to the Jeep and back to work.