Snow = Club South

There is nothing worse then waking up to a 1/2 foot of snow and freezing temperatures. Come on, it is almost April! It is days like this that really get you down. I think all my motivation was covered up by the snow.

My morning was taken by Jason’s 5 year old. A birthday party at the bowling alley. Did you know they start serving beer there at 11:30 on Sundays? I think there is some loop hole in the Illinois law that allows bowling alleys to do this…

When the festivities were done I headed to the Club South to try to get a swim in. I did notice that it was family swim until 3:30… But who would bring there kids to go swimming???

I go there and the pool was full…Uggggg! But I brought my running cloths too. So I headed up to the parking lot of treadmills. I started off at a 8:30 pace, then at mile 3.5 the damn thing shut off. Who was the idiot that invented the 1/2 shut off on treadmills.

Once I got it started again… You have to press the choke a couple of times…

I upped my pace to to a 7:30 and finished out my 5 mile run.

Now, back to the pool… Damn, remind me not to go swimming on Sunday afternoons! I headed back out to the weights. I have been missing my leg sessions, so I followed up with some presses, extensions and curls.

Now, back to the pool… I got dressed and decided I would site like an old lady with my name on the board until I got a lane. But when I walked in, two lanes were open! I warmed up and decided to do a couple drills for muscle memory. I swam for about a 1/2 hour, I was pooped.

I made it home and started dinner. I was cooking lasagna!