Sir Isaac to the Rescue

newton-motion-trainerAfter a New Years Day disaster.  I headed out again, but with my Newtons.  I bought a pair of the Newton Motion Stability Trainers last year, and had a blowout in the seams of shoes.   This should not happen.  I had kept the shoes and the box and decided to email Newton.

I contacted them through their website and told them the trouble I had.  I also said that I would send them some photos.  The contacted me back, and ask for the photos.  So I sent them over and a day later I got my response.

She said they would ship me a new pair out immediately for free.  Just asking that I ship the old ones back with the prepaid shipping label they would include in the order.

Three days later, my new shoes showed up on my door step.  Wow!

So today I broke them out for an outside run.  My legs felt rather refreshed and it was noticeable in my pace.  My first mile was around 8:00 minute pace.  After that it continued to drop.

I don’t want to give all the credit to the shoes but I think that mentally it help. 

I continued and finished up at 45 minutes flat for 6 miles.  I was impressed with my comeback from yesterdays run, but was pretty sceptical if I could hold that pace for 26.2…