She is so hot!

Dan - New City TTThe New City Time Trail had an awesome crowd on Wednesday.  31 people showed up.  I looked around and wondered… where did all these people come from.

I think of Springfield as a pretty small town, and that you know most everyone that rides.  But in the last few years the cycling community has really grown.   I could probably only name 10 of the 31 riders.

Anyhow the TT went off a little late due the numbers.  It was probably 6:30 before the first rider went off.

I had a good staging this week, 26th.  I just had to hold off all the big shots behind me.  Dungan, Justin, Robo, and Lister.

We had a East wind.  During the warm up it didn’t feel to bad.  On the way back it felt like we might have a slight push.

Brock Web showed up, but not in gear.  He actually helped stage the riders and took some cool photos.  You can never get enough photos of yourself time trialing.  I don’t think it is a vanity issue, but it is kind of nice to see your position/form on the bike.  I also like looking at my bike, she is so hot! (yes, I am a loser)

The clock started and I was off.  One pedal stroke in, I remembered I was still in my small ring.  Idiot!!!  I shifted up and started cruising.  I always started out kind of fast for the first couple of miles and then ease into a comfortable speed.

My goal on the way back was to keep my average speed up.  I looked back probably too many times.  I was waiting for someone to come blowing by me.  And that’s when I heard it.  Justin sounded like a semi.  he was going around 28 when he passed me.  I immediately increased my speed to stay with him as long as I could.  He was just too much, I started to fade.

I crossed the finish in 25:41, averaging 25mph, which is a new PR for me.  I was please with my performance, but I know I can do better with a few more mile in me.

I will try again in 2 weeks.