Salisbury Steak

 Athleticare Super Sprint 2008 010I went and covered the Athleticare’s Super Sprint this morning.  I really like going to races when you don’t have to race.  No stress!  The race had a great turn out and was well organized.  A lot of people got exposed to the world of triathlon and I am guessing they had a lot of fun.

Anyhow if you get a chance check out the photos and video from todays race.

This afternoon I got Lola out of the stable and headed north to Salisbury.  A 20 mile loop with a light westerly wind.  My legs and A** were pretty sore from yesterdays workout, but it felt great being out on the bike, in the mid 60 degree weather.   Not a cloud in the sky, and a sleeveless jersey.  I hope I was able to get a little sun.

I finished the evening with a few beers and a some protein in the form of a filet mignon.