Running in the Dark

It was dark outside but I was in the comfort of my warm home. I was not able to run until 8 pm. I am not sure if I have ever waited this long, but I had pizza for dinner. I was on my workout #1 for week 5 of marathon training plan. I started off will a warm up mile at 8:30 pace. Then I went into my 3×2 mile intervals with a .5 mile recovery in between. I felt pretty tired because I lifted weights earlier in the day. But I was able to complete them with a total distance of 8 miles.

Week 5 of our training plan says that we should be doing 100% of our weekly milage this week. I calculated that to be around 40 miles. So I will need to get in two more 5 mile runs before the long weekend run of 18 miles. This is definitely do-able. I would like to make in on the trainer this week also, but unless I do a double, it my be hard to do.

I also made our reservations for Jason and I at the Union Station Hyatt in St. louis. We are going to stay away from the Adams Mark this year. They could not handle the crowd. The Hyatt is on the start line and will make it a easy morning.

So I feel totally committed. – Danoh