Running for the Gold

I guess you could say I have been running for the gold this week. Vose’s Corndogs, Tom Thumb Donuts, and don’t forget the Beer.

I would not consider myself a big fan of the state fair. This year has played out like the perfect storm. It all started with my pathetic Parade Run last Thursday. Then Huey Lewis on Sunday, horse races on this Thursday and Brooks and Dunn on Friday.

I will make my fifth and final visit to the fair on Sunday. Not to run the Abe’s Amble, but to support everyone else and take some great photos.

Going for the Gold comes with consequences.  My training has suffered for sure and I may have gained a few pounds too. But I think it was a well deserved break.

My decrease in racing, ok I had last weekend off… Has left me with more time to run.  After a hard Tuesday, I have run three consecutive days.  I forgot what running was like.

Todays 10 mile run to the park really gave me some time to think about the rest of the year. The Polka, The Monster, and the Hot to Trot.  It is a good three weeks or so until The Polka, so hopefully I can get ready with some help from the Tuesday Track Club.

See everyone on Sunday.  Don’t forget to say “cheese” as you grit your teeth up those hills!