Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!

Yes that was a good movie, but that is not the Rudy I am talking about.  This Rudy will take 5 seconds (maybe more…) off my sprint bike split.  My new Rudy Syton Supercomp Helmet.  I picked her up over at Wheel Fast Bicycle Chatham.  They have them in stock now!

This cool TT helmet has side burns bigger than Jonathan Vaughters.  And is more comfortable and easier to get on than the Giro.  It has removable plugs for the vent hole in front (for going real fast!)  I eye shield slides up and can also be removed.  There are two version of this helmet, one with the burns and shield and the other without.  If you are looking to take some time off you bike split, this is the place to start. I also suppose skipping the 12 pack of beer and hot wing wouldn’t hurt either…

In preporation for my up and coming sprints, I actually got up at 5:40 this morning to hit the pool.  I took it easy.  I warmed up doing 10x50s and then did a solid 500 and headed home.  This will be my last swim before Saturday.

At lunch I headed out for a very short run of 20 minutes, but it was long enough to be totally soaked when I got home.